Redimp GM200 DPI 4000 Wired Gaming Mouse (Black & Cobwebbing)

Armed with a 4000 DPI optical gaming sensor, 7 programmable buttons and ambidextrous design to support the quickest possible movements.

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Redimp GM200 DPI 4000 Wired Gaming Mouse (Black & Cobwebbing)

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4000 DPI Optical Sensor

Featuring a 5-level on-the-fly adjustable DPI optical gaming sensor (1100 - 1600 - 2000 - 3000 - 4000), the GM200 will instantly adapt to the needs of each game you play, putting more control in the palm of your hands. 

All Buttons Programmable

With the comprehensive driver, you can easily create macros and build up to five profiles for time-saving switching with your favorite games. 

Customizable Illumination

At the heart of bringing unmatched performance to PC gamings, the GM200 optical wired gaming mouse supports to customize the look with configurable LED lighting displaying a gradient 16.8 million colors, making it into your signature gaming weapon.

Ambidextrous Shape

The ambidextrous and ergonomic shape are designed  to work comfortably with both hands and all grip styles. Note: if you can well play smartphones larger than 5.2-inch with single hand, GM200 seems a little smaller for your hands for gameplay. 

No-Sweat Grips

Easily sweat in intense gaming, then loss mouse control? In case of that, GM200 features no sweat  soft-touch surface on top and sides to ensure your control remains complete, on-point and utmost comfort.

1. Is the GM200 suitable for both hands?

Yes, the GM200 is ambidextrous in shape design that you could work comfortably with both hands and all grip styles.

2. Can I use the GM200 on any surface?

In testing, the GM200 can be used on fabric, wood desktops, a marble/quartz countertop, paper, leather, rubber surface, except metal and glass surface.

3. Is GM200 a good fit for people with big hands?

As tested, the GM200 would be better used for users who can use the smartphones not larger than 5.2-inch with single hand.

4. Can GM200 be programmed?

Yes, GM200 supports all 9 buttons programmed for different gaming needs. 

5. Can I change the GM200 LED lights?

That’s sure. The GM200 is for RGB lighting that you can change any color with our driver. Download driver here:

6. Does GM200 need driver for installment?

It’s for no-driver upon installment unless you want to macro the buttons and change the color of GM200 for different gaming needs. 

7. Is the mouse comfortable in gaming for long periods of time? 

As the GM200 is ergonomically and skin-friendly designed, it can assure you the maximum comfort in gaming marathon. 

8. How much does the GM200 weigh? Can it support weight tuning?

Well, the GM200 weighs 148g or 5.2 ounces, perfect weight for most types of gaming operation. And it can’t support weight tuning. 

9. Does it have scroll wheel button?

Yes, it has scroll wheel button to be pressed down.

10. How smooth or rough is the mouse wheel when scrolling it up/down?

The mouse wheel in the rolling will make you feel soft, comfortable and noiseless. 

11. How long is the chord?

The cord length is about 1.8 meters or 71 inches. 

Redimp GM200 DPI 4000 Wired Gaming Mouse (Black)

1: User Manual

2: Installment Driver

Redimp GM200 DPI 4000 Wired Gaming Mouse (Cobwebbing)

1: User Manual

2: Installment Driver